Excursion to Bat Trang Ceramic Village

As part of their Social Studies and Art programs, Year 1A and 2A chose to go together for an excursion to Bat Trang Ceramic Village on the outskirts of Hanoi. Upon arrival at the famous village, students were ushered into a workshop where they received expert guidance and a demonstration on how to use a potter’s wheel. Then the children excitedly engaged in creating their own piece of pottery by molding and modeling the clay while spinning their potter’s wheels. After completing an assortment of pots, bowls and vases the children were taken by a local guide on a walking tour through the back lanes of the old village highlighting various styles of intricate brickwork and unusual architecture to finally emerge at a beautiful temple on the river bank. Next the tour guide took the children inside a local factory to see professional potters and artists creating masses of beautiful pottery. After lunch in another pagoda further downtown, the students returned to the workshop to paint and decorate their individual pieces of pottery which had been drying during lunchtime. Finally, a quick wander around the famous market allowed the children to view the enormous range of pottery products made in the village. The children’s clay creations are now on display in their classrooms. Bat Trang will live in the children’s memories as a very interesting and fun part of Hanoi.